April 15, 2014

It was Team HOH’s first Nike run club session yesterday. We met at Nike Running in Box Park, Shoreditch, at 6.15pm, put our bags in the bag drop and met up with about 20 other women for a warm up on the artificial lawn outside the store.

The instructor told us we would be running down to Tower Hill (1.2 miles away) and then doing interval training – sprinting up hill – before running back to the store. Before we had time to reconsider, the instructor had strapped on a backpack with speaker attached and we were off.

Music blasting, the pace was quite manageable and we arrived at Tower Hill within 10 mins. This was where it got tricky. In groups of 4, we took turns in sprinting to the top of the hill, and then walking back to the bottom. We repeated this 10 times before quickly pausing to take a group photo and then running back to the store for 7.30pm – our legs were feeling a fair amount heavier now. Back at Box Park we were handed a (much needed) bottle of water and did a quick warm down stretch before finishing.

It was a great workout and made training much more enjoyable as part of a group. We’re all certainly feeling a few aches today but can’t wait to get back out for the next run session on Thursday – who’s joining us?!

/HOH x