April 29, 2014

Henry often comes up with some pretty interesting ‘obsessions’ but this is certainly one of the most curious yet.

While he was spending the weekend with family, one of his young cousins brought out a Rainbow Loom. She made a ‘fishtail bracelet’ for him and he was instantly hooked. Back in the office on Monday none of us had ever heard of it but if you have or have spend time with young children, it’s likely your life has been taken over by one.

The simple plastic device allows you to weave small rings of coloured plastic to create bracelets and charms on its most basic level but has been taken up a notch with people creating phone cases, hats and even entire outfits out of the rainbow plastic pieces.

The simply designed craft has now gone global – it’s cheap, fairly easy to pick up and there’s no limit to what you can make.

What do you think? Are you a Rainbow Loom addict?

/HOH x