June 18, 2014

Just because we work in fashion doesn’t mean we don’t catch football fever. Ok we may not follow it any other time of the year but the World Cup is a national event and more than anything, an excuse to get together and cheer for the same team.

To get us in a competitive mood, we organised a studio sweepstake. Each member of staff put in £2.50 per team and chose two teams out of a hat. As there are 32 teams and only 13 of us, the six people with the worst picks got to choose a bonus one for free.

By far the luckiest sweepstaker is Emmeli who chose both Brazil and Argentina –she swears she didn’t cheat! And Henry probably pulled the shortest straw by picking Bosnia, Cameroon, and Croatia.

To carry on in the spirit of the event, we’ve been Googling the worst hair styles from World Cup past and present, so here are our top 6 for you to enjoy/laugh at as well.

Are you involved in a sweepstake? Who did you pick? Any predictions for the winning team?

/HOH x