Wedding Dresses 1774 – 2014

July 03, 2014

The Victoria and Albert’s current exhibition of bridal dresses doesn’t merely display wedding dress after wedding dress, but aims to capture the pure beauty of the wedding day. Displaying a variety of dresses that cross both time and cultures, the exhibition demonstrates that each of the brides’ characters are echoed in their dresses, and each convey a sense of personal identity.

It allows for the evolution of the bridal gown to be seen visually by showcasing dresses over a 240-year period.

Our Web and Social Media Intern Kristy went down to check it out, here’s what she found out:

Out of all the gowns, which was your favourite?

John Galliano’s dress designed specifically for Kate Moss was stunning. The craftsmanship was insane! It took 701 hours to embroider the dress and 253 for the veil. 270,000 gold sequins were hand sewn onto the gown along with 120,000 paillons and 2800 pearl beads.

Which dress showed the brides personality the most?

Definitely Dita Von Teese’s dress by Vivienne Westwood. The rich plum purple is a controversial colour for most brides to wear but suits her personality to a ‘t’.

What was your favourite part about the exhibition?

That it showed the development of wedding gowns throughout the ages, famous and non famous brides as well as showing the differences of design in cultures. A key example of this would be Anjali Bulley’s bridal sari in a deep red. Anjali is a regular woman and employee at the V&A. It shows how traditional Asian culture can still be seen in modern wedding dresses.

What was the most surprising thing that you learnt?

On the lower floor they showed a video of Prince Will and Kate’s wedding. Alongside this was a dress from the 1800s, worn in a Surrey mansion house wedding by an aristocratic bride. The dress was almost identical to Kate’s and has been suggested to be the inspiration for the royal gown.

Would you recommend others to go and see ‘Wedding Dresses 1774 – 2014’?

Yes! Future brides can go for inspiration. But it isn’t just limited to brides-to-be, anyone interested in fashion or history can learn and enjoy the experience of viewing these beautiful dresses.

/HOH x