July 10, 2014

A common problem with travelling abroad is not knowing what to do when you get there. Don’t get us wrong, we cherish those few days of precious annual leave but just visiting the usual tourism spots is not cutting it. We also want to get an idea of what it’s like to live as a local in the city we’re holidaying in and experience things as a resident would.

Long-winded travel guides by Lonely Planet and Rough Guide go some way to remedying that problem but what if we only have a day or two to see a place?

Step in 12hrs. It’s a brand new website that harnesses all that’s great about a city and moulds it into a schedule that covers just 12 hours. Current guides include Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, Vancouver and our personal favourite – East London, with more guides landing regularly.

The guides consist of a good amount of hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, markets, shopping, museums, places of interest, and simply great places to hang out. And there are no rules with it, the website states, “You can follow our schedule, or you can just pick a few selected tips and ignore the rest. We won’t judge you.” And that’s probably the best thing about it. You don’t feel judged if you don’t wish to spend 3 hours in a queue for your city’s version of the London Eye.



/HOH x