July 29, 2014

The countdown is on. It’s less than 3 months until the half marathon on 12th October and I’m beginning to feel the pressure. I have just made a weekly training diary and am stepping up my routine.

After the Nike We Own The Night 10K in May, I took a break from running. Admittedly I was a bit sick of it and had about a month off before getting back into it (fear of impending doom constantly looming and getting stronger by the day). The heat hasn’t helped but I’m now used to running 5 or 6k once a week again with relative ease.

Next week the real training starts. I plan to run 8k on Tuesday and then 6 again on Thursday. It may not sound a lot but I’m trying to increase the distance slowly so that 2 weeks before the half I’ll run 18k (on the day it’s 21k). Well, that’s the hope anyway. It may not be a recommended training plan but I think it will work for me and ultimately, my only goal is to finish. I’m certainly not aiming to be the female Mo Farah.

Of course I’m not putting myself through months of pain for nothing. As well as a personal challenge, I’m running in aid of Cancer Research UK. I’m sure you all know what amazing work they do for cancer patients in this country so if you’re feeling generous, click the link below to donate. Every £1 helps and I promise to make a cupcake macaron cronut for each and every one of you that donates.


/HOH x