July 30, 2014

Fashion is beginning to shift from its current carefree, denim cut-off, flowing maxi self to its chunkier, more clothed and tailored cousin. Before it becomes entirely cloaked in wool though, there’s that tricky inbetween period that somehow takes us by surprise every year.

We’re talking about mid-September/mid-October when the days are still long(ish) but the sun isn’t as strong. This short guide will hopefully hold your hand through those changeable days where one minute you’re sporting a bare leg and the next you’re summoning your wool coat back from the dry cleaner.

  1. Layer, layer, layer.
  2. Chuck a leather jacket over your shoulders
  3. Wear a sweatshirt
  4. Use pattern
  5. Add a sock

If spaghetti straps and silk cami tops have graced your shoulders for the past 2 months and you’re not ready to let go just yet, the perfect solution is to layer them. Add a cotton tee, white collared shirt or polo shirt to keep the chill away. Bonus: You can wear them underneath knitwear when it gets even colder. Try our Pre Fall Scribble Shirt for a fun take.

This time of year was made for a leather jacket. Biker is best but whatever you already own will do. Don’t be fussy, just throw it over your shoulders nonchalantly.


  1. Sweatshirts were big last winter and they’re here to stay for a while yet. We love them with pencil skirts, mini skirts, denim shorts – anything goes. Have you seen our Giddy Up and Letter sweatshirts? They’ll take you right through from a slight breeze to the sub-zero depths of January.
  2. Just because you’re layering doesn’t mean you have to stick to block neutrals. A light silk coat or kimono in a bold print will retain the colours of summer without compromising on warmth.
  3. If you’ve invested in a pair of bejewelled Birkenstock-esque sandals, you want to wear them for as long as possible. To avoid frostbitten toes, pop on a pair of bleached white or grey marl socks and push them down for a relaxed look.

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/HOH x