August 06, 2014

Bethnal Green is not typically known as an arts hub but this month, artist Lucy Sparrow is trying to change that.

Last week, Lucy opened The Cornershop – A Fluffy Shopping Experience – on the corner of Wellington Row, E2. Walk past quickly and you’ll think it’s just another corner shop but look a little closer and you’ll discover that absolutely everything is made out of felt and hand sewn. Cans of beans, chocolate bars, ice cream, sandwiches, even tampons, cigarettes and the working till, have all been painstakingly crafted by hand over 7 months.

It’s not just a visual exhibition but an interactive one too. Sponsored by the Arts Council, Tower Hamlets Council, Kickstarter and Swizzel’s sweets, Lucy will also be running sewing workshops designed to engage the local community. These sessions aim to involve people usually excluded such as individuals with autism and other mental disabilities.

The exhibition runs until the end of August so make sure to check it out in the next couple of weeks.




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