August 20, 2014

Throwing a bucket of ice water over yourself doesn’t sound like something that would sweep the globe as the latest social media trend but that is exactly what has happened.

Celebrities including Justin Bieber, Jessica Alba, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, David Beckham, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift have done one. Everyone you follow on Twitter and Instagram has done one. Even that friend on Facebook who you don’t really like but can’t bring yourself to delete put himself or herself through unnecessary discomfort.

Although, fortunately it’s not a completely unnecessary display of self vanity. The idea is that every video helps raise awareness for ALS (or Motor Neurone Disease here in the UK). Every person involved is nominated by a previous ice-bucketeer to throw a bucket of ice water over themselves (or hey! Get a friend to help a la D Beck who appears to have commandeered his posse of body guards), donate £3 to help find a cure and nominate a further 3 people.

Here are our favourites:

David Beckham – For the topless-ness only



Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck – Because they almost make us want to gag with their cute couple-ness



Lady Gaga – Because of course it’s wonderfully weird



/HOH x