House of Holland


She's a punk-rocker turned pop-star and face of our latest eyewear campaign. Growing up in a small village in Denmark, her relationship with punk, pop and fashion is rooted in the energetic honesty with which she performs.


We catch up with the singer-songwriter to chat about her inspirations, her dreams and playing at Coachella… **SPOILER: it was “fucking surreal”**

House of Holland

You grew up in a small village in Denmark, where would you call home now?


Well I should technically call Copenhagen home but New York, London, and LA also feel like home these days... AND the Village of Odense where I grew up certainly feels like home to me still.


You formed your first band MOR when you were 18, do you ever miss performing punk music? How different is it to performing pop?


I do miss it yes. There was such an energy and a carefree feeling attached to those days and those shows we used to do back then and I also miss being more political and explosive in my lyrics/visual appearance sometimes.  But I will say that even though the music that I make now is much more pop I still try my best to stay true to that energy and that feeling I had back then. That band, the punk scene and the environment around it shaped me so much and helped me develop as an artist and a human so everything I learned and the experiences that I made back then will always have a special place in my heart. I hope that it shines through in the things I do now and in 20 years.

House of Holland

Where do you find your inspiration when you write your music? 


From my life. From feelings and experience, but also from listening to music, watching old movies, partying, going for a walk in the woods... well yeah, basically just life and everything that interests me lol.


Which musicians have most inspired your music over the years?


To begin with it was Spice Girls, then Nina Simone, Sonic Youth, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Björk, Santigold, MIA, Lana Del Rey.... etc


You’ve just finished your tour around the UK and Ireland, what’s your favourite thing about performing in the UK?


The energy in the crowds / people and my AMAZING fans!!! I have some of the sweetest, most lovable Mømins in the UK and Ireland!!

What is your favourite stage you’ve played on?  Where would be your dream to play?


Omg playing Coachella Mainstage this year alongside legends like HAIM and Beyonce (GAAAAAG!!!!!) was so F***ING surreal and such a dream coming true! Omg omg I don't think I'm ever gonna be able to come down from the excitement of checking off that stage from my list! BUT another dream is to one day be lucky enough to play mainstage at Glastonbury!!


You just performed at Coachella, how do you find performing at festivals? Do you prefer performing at festivals?


Playing at festivals is such a high cuz there's always a feeling of freedom and holiday / goodtimes in the air cuz people are on vacation and enjoying themselve! So I love playing festivals. But I also love playing my own shows cuz at a venue u can create ur own space and really draw people into your universe in a different way. And I love the intimacy of playing venues. So I don't have a favourite I think. I simply love and enjoy both.


House of Holland

"No matter what creative output I think the keyword is personality."

How has touring and being on the road affected your style?


I feel like I've been touring more or less non stop for 5 months so you could say I have gotten used to it but I honestly love it a lot! Although I do tend to lose track of reality a little bit lol. I guess touring effects my style, but it feels very natural cuz I have always loved to move and travel and to get ideas on the go and change up ur style as u go through different phases and places and mix and match with what u have, what u find and what u get.


How does your fashion impact the way people understand your music?


No matter what creative output I think the keyword is personality. I want my output to be inviting but also challenging but most importantly to come from an honest place. So I try and make music that way, perform live that way, dress that way etc... The way you dress is a way to signal out to the world who you are and how you feel, and so I guess my fashion helps people to understand me and therefor my music better. 


House of Holland

You are the latest star of the House of Holland sunglasses campaign - What does it mean to be a part of #HOHlife?


It is such an honour! It has actually always been kind of a dream of mine to work with HOH - ever since I saw my buddy Charli XCX and Alunageorge back in 2016 campaigning for the brand I've been dying to be a part of this royal company and rock those beautiful, fun and sassy styles whether it's clothes/sunglasses/accessorise! To sum it up: it means a lot!






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