House of Holland

Meet Josh Jones and James-Lee Duffy, the masterminds behind influential art zine Pavement Licker and the latest Top 8 collaborator.


When Josh Jones and James-Lee Duffy started zine Pavement Licker they had only 2 requirements in mind: It had to be 52 pages long, and it had to be black and white. Other than that, what sat within those pages was up from grabs to all and anyone willing to collaborate. 


Fast forward 15 years, and Pavement Licker has published it all. From prose and street art to illustration and design, the 52 black and white pages have seen the works of everyone and anyone from Banksy and David Shrigley to the unpublished artists trying to get a break.  


Now, Pavement Licker have turned their hand to a new challenge - A range of merchandise as part of the House of Holland Top 8 capsule. 


House of Holland
House of Holland




Inspired by the slogan on one of their hoodies, we caught up with Pavement Licker on who exactly the idols that they are trying to delete... 


House of Holland


My three idols which I can't delete: 


1. Malcom McLaren 


The original hustler, swindler and visionary who kicked popular culture well and truly up the arse. Malcom never trusted a hippie, he created cash out of chaos and cross pollinated street culture, design, fashion and history together to create something totally revolutionary. A true innovator who inspired me in my work and approach.


2. David Carson


David tore the traditional way to do Graphic Design up, rescanned it, put it back to front and changed it all to Wingdings. Everything was and is possible in the visual word as long as you don’t copy it from Google. David saved me from the dull and old fashioned Art School teaching methods in the 90s. 

3. Soho


Yes you know that part of London just off Oxford Street. It was my escape haven going there every weekend just to sit, watch, drink, shop and party. RIP the Wag Club and Hit and Run. Growing up as a teenager in suburban unhappy bliss made me crave the different and the strange. I love Soho and always will do, but I no longer sit on a pigeon shit covered bench. I sit on my mid-century armchair in the Groucho sipping an Negroni.

House of Holland
House of Holland



I’ve never been into idolatry. I’d like to think it’s because I feel we’re all equal and no one should be subject to that much adulation. But the fact I have a problem with the word idol is more likely because when I was seven I auditioned for the role of Moses in a school play where I had to shout “IDOL WORSHIPPERS” but I went and got the words mixed up and just yelled “WORDLE ISHIPPALS”. And all the class laughed at me for getting it wrong. Including the teacher.


Debbie Traynier eventually got the role of Moses, which, looking back, casting a female as the messenger of God is quite a progressive thing to do for an Essex primary school in the 80s. I’m sure she smashed the role. I ended up as a shepherd. 

So yeah, delete your idols. 

House of Holland